Shop to Support

Many of our Healing With Love supporters already shop at Kroger or on Amazon regularly. But did you know that every time you shop at Kroger or Amazon, you could be benefiting Healing With Love at no extra cost to you?

Now through Kroger Community Rewards Program and the Amazon Smile Program a percentage of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice! This is a perfect way to support your favorite organization!







How do you sign up for Kroger Community Rewards!

  1. Visit

  2. If you don't already have one, you'll need to sign up for a Kroger Plus Card, which you can do by creating an account on their website

  3. Sign in and go to "Saving and Reward, Kroger Community Rewards and log into your Kroger Card account

  4. Search "Healing With Love" or by "LB953" under "pick your own charitable organization.

  5. Select Healing With Love

  6. Begin Shopping! 

How do you sign up for Amazon Smile Program?

  1. Visit

  2. Sign in and Search "Healing With Love" under "pick your own charitable organization

  3. Select Healing With Love

  4. Begin Shopping!

On both Kroger Community Rewards and Amazon Smile Program, everything will function the same. You can check out normally and this is no cost to you

Thank you so much for your support! Everyone here at the Healing With Love team greatly appreciates it! Now get shopping!!!

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Click Here To Get Started With Kroger Community Rewards